Abanca supported some 80 families with mortgage debts in the last 15 months, with “very relevant” withdrawals

Abanca supported some 80 families with mortgage debts in the last 15 months, with "very relevant" withdrawals

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Presentation of the 'III RSEncuentro' at the headquarters of Abanca EUROPA PRESS

Abanca supported more than 80 families since March 2015 within the framework of its program of protection to mortgage debtors, with amounts of "very relevant" withdrawals, according to the director of corporate social responsibility (RSC) of the financial institution, Tatiana. Suarez

Together with her, the manager of RSC of Abanca, José Manuel Mourelo, has pointed out that the bank supported more than 10,000 Galician families to which it has "restructured" its economic-financial situation, and has specified that those 80 families who received their "help" were in a "critical or limit" context.

In this regard, Suarez has explained that one of the strategic lines of Abanca's CSR is called "protection to mortgage debtors", so it deals with the problem of evictions, but it does so from the perspective of protecting debtors "in risk of social exclusion ".

"Situations of special vulnerability, not all, that is, those who deserve it, those who really are in a situation of special vulnerability," he said, before adding that "the range is very broad".

Mourelo added that the entity's CSR defines criteria for people who are "in the last link in the chain in terms of economic and social profile." "Situation of special vulnerability is the one that is more to the limit," he said, before emphasizing that "it is true that all" clients "deserve attention", but insist that the bank pays "special attention to those who most they require. "

Since March of last year, Abanca helped more than 80 families, according to their numbers, with amounts of withdrawals "very relevant for the entity". "We exempt, we forgive those debts," the director of RSC underlined, after noting that this exercise "the trend is bullish".


These data have contributed, to questions from journalists, during the presentation of the 'III RSEncuentro', which will be held from Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 at the center of Abanca Obra Social de Santiago, and with which the entity claims that Galicia is situated "as a national benchmark" in corporate social responsibility.

The community will welcome, for the first time, the celebration of this event, an event on corporate social responsibility organized by the consultant intheMOVE with the support of Abanca.

The partner of the consultant Pilar Casals, in the press conference, has emphasized that "very rarely an organization in a delicate sector" as the banking one launches to an "active" implication of a "collaborative and non-profit" event like this.

His colleague Noelia Lopez, meanwhile, has stressed that the intention is "to sensitize the Galician society" and show companies and management "that in Galicia it is possible to do corporate social responsibility, in Galicia and from Galicia".

In this regard, the manager of RSC of Abanca has indicated that the will of the financial institution is to be "tractors" so that the small company also assumes this concept.

The 'III RSEncuentro' will bring together experts, researchers, professionals and people interested in corporate social responsibility in a space of exchange and learning that will analyze aspects such as innovation, social entrepreneurship, management of interest groups and responsible consumption.

The bank, in addition to sponsoring the meeting, will participate in it with an initiative in which attendees will be able to say what they think about the actions developed by the entity and how they think it should face their role as a responsible institution.

The session 'Abanca Responsable: Cal do you think it should be or not paper? Ven e contanolo 'will be held on Friday, June 10 at 2:00 pm and will be moderated by José Manuel Mourelo. "It is the first time that a company does something of this kind, for us it is an exercise of transparency and courage and we hope that the result will help us to continue contributing to improve our society", said the manager.


Throughout three days, it will be possible to participate in work sessions in small groups and workshops aimed at acquiring practical skills with renowned speakers, visit a responsible company and intervene in networking dynamics.

The 'III RSEncuentro' will be inaugurated by the Regional Minister of Economy, Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, and the director of RSC of Abanca, Tatiana Suárez.

In an intimate and informal format, presented by the comedian Víctor Grande, you can listen to the stories of the founders of initiatives of social entrepreneurship and responsible consumption 'Made in Galicia' such as Saraiva Senior, Lonxanet Foundation, Daveiga Cookies, Discamino, Vojo, Arqueixal and Promove.

The event has the support and active participation of Abanca, the Xunta de Galicia, Gadis, the European Business School, Nasas Social Media, Mugatra, Metal Ferrol, Martín Códax and Cafés Candelas, among others.

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