AMD lost CPU market share on Steam in February and March, NVIDIA RTX 3060 was the best-selling GPU in March

The DIY CPU market has been AMD territory since the launch of Ryzen CPUs, with chipmaking gobbling up large chunks of the market every quarter. However, since the advent of the Alder Lake range, Intel fought back across all segments. 2021 was the first year in recent times that Intel actually finished with an overall gain in the desktop processor market. The current year has also gone well for the blue team.

AMD made steady gains in the last quarter of 2021 (and January 2022), but Intel reversed most of those gains in one fell swoop last month. This can largely be attributed to the aggressive pricing of 12th Gen CPUs including the Core i7-12700K/12700 and Core i5-12600K/12600. We found the $300 to be significantly faster than the $449 Ryzen 9 5900X in a recent comparison. Regardless, AMD’s position in the desktop computer market (Windows) remains strong with more than 30% market share.

Among Linux users, AMD saw a notable gain of +0.38%, consolidating previous gains and bringing its overall share to 41.53%. It’s the first time the two rivals approach 50-50 market share in this segment.

In the GPU space, NVIDIA was the dominant player, roughly eliminating AMD from the top 10 (same top 20). The GeForce RTX 3060 was the top seller in March with a net market share gain of +0.56%, making it the 7th most popular GPU among Steam gamers. The RTX 3070 was the second best-selling GPU, ranking 11th in terms of overall market share. These stats align with NVIDIA’s claims that the Ampere line has been the company’s most successful architecture.

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