Convenience store chain distributing 150 tanks of gas for Thanksgiving


IDAHO FALLS – A local business seeks to give back to the community with the second annual Tanks Giving.

This month, Good 2 Go will be offering 150 tanks of gasoline totaling up to 2,000 gallons at each of 75 stores in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

Deputy Marketing Director Josiah Elmer told that the giveaway will take place on Tuesday, November 23, and can happen in two different ways – by luck or by nomination.

“Starting November 16, we will be accepting nominations from people suggesting people they think deserve a tank of gas or need a tank of gas this Thanksgiving season and from those nominations we will choose a winner per store, ”Elmer said.

The 50th customer who pays for their gasoline in-store at any location on November 23 will also receive a free tank.

Elmer says they started this event last year after seeing other companies doing great things for people over the holidays. Good 2 Go wanted to do something special for customers and decided helping people get home for the holidays with a free tank of gas was the best way to do it.

“This is our second year at Tanks Giving, and we are excited to make it a tradition in the years to come,” Elmer said in a press release. “We are delighted to involve not only our entire team, but also the great community behind us. “

Anyone can walk into any Good 2 Go store between November 16 and 22 to name someone they think deserves help on Thanksgiving by scanning a QR code at the counter. Applications will also be accepted through the store’s Facebook or Instagram page.

Courtesy of Josiah Elmer

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