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LONDON, May 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — An online trading platform with the ability to offer leverage is now part of the online trading system under the name Crypto1Capital. The platform focuses on online trading with the intention of serving investors and traders from all parts of the world. There is yet another valuable inclusion in the online trading industry where traders and investors can access global trading markets while using the Crypto1Capital online trading system.

It has been suggested that the new online trading platform will have trading features that will meet the demands of modern day traders. At least the timing for the launch of the platform is ripe as millions of traders are joining the e-commerce ecosystem daily.

During the official launch, the platform’s CEO, Liam Rhodes, said that “We want to let our potential customers know that we are no different from them. Our goal for launching the platform was to ensure that we offer you a complete and cost-effective platform. In particular, our goal was to provide our valued clients with the offer of leverage so that they could enjoy the fruits of online trading more effectively.

It is expected that the new crypto trading platform will initially cover six types of trading markets comprising several hundred tradable assets. For example, the platform can be used initially for trading currencies and crypto forex, stocks, futures, commodities, and indices.

In online trading, leverage is considered a very crucial and game-changing feature. While using this feature, a trader can simply magnify his profits, as leverage means the contribution of funds by the brokerage service provider. Accordingly, the offer will allow a trader to access and invest in trades that are highly valued and have the potential to generate large profits. The developers of Crypto1Capital have clarified that the leverage offer will be available for every type of trading on their platform. “However, the percentages of leverage the option will vary depending on the type of negotiation,” the officials said.

On the occasion, the CEO of Crypto1Capital spoke out stating that “Finally, our years of tireless effort have paid off. We now have in place a fully functional and most convenient online trading platform capable of trading several frequently traded assets around the world. I don’t wish to put words in others’ mouths and would rather welcome honest and unbiased feedback regarding our trading platform. We are open to criticism and are fully committed to using healthy criticism to our advantage for further improvements. We invite everyone to be our partners in the common goals and objectives of successful and profitable business by fully exploring our individual potentials.

Talking about various aspects of the platform, the CEO further stated that Crypto1Capital’s platform will not require any third-party apps or software downloads. As the platform is web based hence it can be accessed from any part of the world with the use of internet facility. Likewise, there are no restrictions on using the platform based on a particular device.

The CEO notably stated that “Our top priority was to develop a platform for everyone that would provide more uncompromising safety standards and features. When I was in the trader’s shoes, I encountered times when I firmly believed that now was the time to invest. However, I had to refrain from investing for security reasons. I’m sure our customers would never face such an undesirable situation on our platform.

Regarding security standards and features, the CEO informed that they have implemented 256-bit encryption technology installed in their system. “The encryption is such that it can ensure the prevention of unauthorized access as well as security breaches“, asserted the CEO. Similarly, “Our client related trading accounts have been secured using 2FA authentication standards“said the CEO.

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