Darrell Henderson is in the top 10 running backs, Chase Claypool is in the top 15 receivers and up – The Athletic


Target and touch totals are important, but not as important as market share. “Targets” are primarily a receiver statistic (although there are a few notable first exceptions). The keys are the motto of running back.

What we do is really simple. For pass catchers, market share is goals divided by team pass attempts. For the running backs, these are the hits divided by the scrum team games (not the team hits, to be clear).

The number of snaps, the depth of the target and the type of touch (receding landings are much more valuable than RB carries) are also important but will not generally be discussed here. It is pure market share. Consider this as a primary tool for evaluating exemptions and departure / seat decisions.

here is the list. Make sure to select the current week, but all weeks of the season will be archived so you can get a multi-week sample on a player if you want. Also note as the season progresses that I have thought a lot about doing these stats every week and not for the season. The aim here is to respond quickly to current trends. Annual statistics sweeten everything to a more meaningless medium. Remember, as our Gene McCaffrey so wisely puts it, “To be absolutely right you have to be prepared to be absolutely wrong.

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