Exponent Beauty Introduces Self-Activated Skincare For The Data-Driven Consumer

Exponent shows up with a rock-solid POV, launched with four Superior Sera. Each serum contains its own active powder formulated around a hero active ingredient that suffers from breakdown, and all are interchangeably blended with the same quadruple hyaluronic moisturizer. “We won’t launch products just to fill the category,” shares founder and CEO Liz Whitman. She’s launching Exponent in a separate category called “self-activated skincare,” based on the notion that “skincare shouldn’t be premixed, diluted, or bottled.” Where does the achievement to innovate freshly whipped, clinically backed serums come from? It turns out, a spa chair.

During her role as president and chief marketing officer at Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, Whitman found herself in the hands of one of the brand’s most masterful facialists on Fifth Avenue for a kind of market research. very luxurious. As the facialist mixed the masks and serums she applied, she explained that the active ingredients (think antioxidants, vitamin C, retinol) were incredibly fragile. By mixing them immediately before application, degradation due to exposure to air, water or light could be avoided. The results were as impossible to deny as science. Whitman began to wonder how effective the premixed products she was selling really were. “I couldn’t get that idea out of my head,” she explains. Years later, after her stint in Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door, she decided to test her theory herself.

“The first thing I did,” says Whitman, “was to buy the best-selling clinical skin care products on the market and send them to an independent lab to test the concentration of the active. from day one to day sixty.” The results confirmed his suspicions. 60% of the products tested did not even have a starting concentration beneficial for the skin. Beyond that, the products lost around 40% of their active ingredient concentration in just eight weeks.

Bringing Exponent to life happened a few years later and began with the complicated equation of constructing a formula that could maintain its effectiveness by avoiding degradation caused by air, water and light. Whitman says one-third of the process was formulating and the remaining two-thirds was packaging. “The dispenser itself contains 19 pieces,” she says. This series of wheels moving in different directions at the same time unleashes the power of hand-blended skincare versus exhaling into a bottle. Hitting just the right amount of power and liquid in a precise ratio, or what Whitman calls “optimal concentration to achieve benefits without irritation”, is what sets Exponent apart in the self-activation category.

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