Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G expected to arrive with 1TB storage option

As the calendar continues to move forward to January, more and more renders and rumors have emerged regarding Samsung’s upcoming launch. Galaxy S22 series. One of the latest speculations surrounding the series revolves around the high-end Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the storage options that will be offered to consumers.
You may recall that in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was available in a configuration that included 1TB of storage. But Samsung has not kept this option available for any other Galaxy phone since and with With Apple finally offering 1TB storage on the iPhone 13 Pro models, several tipsters say they have been told by their sources that Sammy is returning to the land of 1TB storage with the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Several tipsters are expecting a 1TB storage option for the Galaxy S22 Ultra

More specifically, the old Samsung employee SuperRoader (Going through Digital LetsGo) sent out a tweet on Saturday proclaiming that “Samsung has decided to support 1TB for the Galaxy S22 Ultra only. However, the release date is unknown. Maybe… after February?” If this is true, the fact that the device will not be available with this amount of storage before the February pass could be the reason for such a model does not appear on a leaked spec sheet.
The aforementioned previously leaked spec sheet, leaked on Twitter by Zaryab Khan, not only failed to show the 1TB unit, but it also showed that the base model of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with 8GB of memory instead of the 12GB that comes with the base model l ‘last year. A unit with 12GB of storage will be available while Khan’s tweet also revealed 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage options.
LetsGo Digital also noted that the prominent tipster Ishan Agarwal put his two cents in a tweet that reads: “I can confirm that there will be a Galaxy S22 Ultra variant with 1TB of storage, but Samsung may only release it in certain regions. Important European markets l ‘will surely get.”

The average consumer won’t need 1TB of storage, but in the absence of expandable storage (Samsung dropped microSD support for the line last year), happy camera users or professionals who need large amounts of storage will be happy to have the option to increase the storage capacity of their devices.

According to LetsGo Digital, the Galaxy S22 Ultra base unit, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, could tip the scales at €1,300 ($1,484 at current exchange rates). The model with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage could cost €1,400 ($1,600), and the unit with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage should cost €1,500 ($1,700).

Please keep in mind that the US dollar amounts in parentheses are merely conversions based on current exchange prices and are displayed for reference only. This is not a forecast price for these phones in the US

Four-color options for the Galaxy S22 Ultra include black, white, green, and burgundy. More importantly, there has been speculation that production issues could force Samsung to abandon the Exynos 2200 chipset with its AMD graphics and look to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 for all units. Most tipsters on social media (including those with a decent track record) say that’s not going to happen.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature a silo for the S Pen

Traditionally, countries like the United States, Canada, and China receive Snapdragon packaging versions of the Galaxy S line, while the rest of the world receives these phones with an Exynos chipset inside. However, we are following very closely how it unfolds.

Finally, as we noted this morning, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which bears more than a passing resemblance to a Galaxy Note with its square corners, will have an opening at the bottom of the device allowing users to store their S Pen inside the phone. And yes, the S Pen comes out of the box with the handset this year.
We expect the Galaxy S22 Ultra to be introduced with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ on February 9 with a February 24 release date.

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