Haryana takes action to counter bogus food grain purchases


Faced with corruption and fictitious purchases from Mandis, the Haryana government has issued strict instructions to officials in the field to ensure transparency in purchases from this paddy harvest season.

According to reports, paddy supply will start from September 25 but the arrival of paddy has already started. The state agricultural marketing board has already dispatched its staff to the entrance of all mandis and keeps records of all farmers, paddy varieties and the amount of paddy they bring.

Mandi officials said there were loopholes and traders, with the help of farmers, took the opportunity to cause losses to the government with fake purchases or false purchases.

The chief administrator of the Haryana State Agriculture Marketing Board (HSAMB) has already given a strong message as three secretaries of the grain markets of Karnal, Taraori and Indri have already been suspended for alleged discrepancies in the arrival of paddy.

According to reports, the secretaries mandi of Karnal and Indri were suspended for failing to follow the instruction issued by the department to deploy workers on the gates to register the arrival of the paddy in the mandi.

Vinay Yadav, chief administrator of the Haryana State Agriculture Marketing Board, said, “We have taken steps to bring more transparency and corruption-free sourcing starting this season.

“We have taken action and now the registers of all varieties entering the mandis are maintained and strict action will be taken against officials for any irregularities or complaints of false purchases,” he added.

What needs to be repaired?

Even registration on the portal “Meri Fasal, Mera Bayora” was made compulsory so that all farmers could sell their Parmal paddy at minimum support prices, but there were some gaps as many farmers who cultivate varieties. basmati and also have other crops also get the Parmal variety registration.

This will help commission agents to sell the products of unregistered farmers, especially those from the UP, on the local farmers portal.

But now the government keeps records of all paddy varieties entering the mandis and this will help the government to counter bogus purchases of Parmal varieties.

Instructions were also given to officials to mention the paddy variety – Basmati or Parmal – to ensure that farmers cannot sell Parmal varieties when registering Basmati varieties.

“As the government has already started direct payment to farmers during the last rabi season, it was reported that farmers also sell their registration to commission agents helping them sell the products of UP farmers on their registration and the registered farmers would refund the payment to them after deducting their commission, ”an official said, on condition of anonymity.

The government also decided to conduct a physical verification of all registered farmers with the help of officials from the revenue department.

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