How gained market share during lockdown


Can you believe it? We have been living with the Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years. And while some industries continue to report losses, some have climbed higher than ever.

Back when it all started, governments around the world resorted to containment measures to try to contain the spread of the virus. This, in turn, has caused the masses to flock online, the majority looking for entertainment. Gambling was a special entertainment activity that stood out because of the possibility of making extra money while having fun. And who benefited the most? Well, every stakeholder, from software vendors and operators to third party affiliate sites such as Six slots.

How gained market share during the lockdown

Conscious of what is going on in the world, Sixslots positioned itself to attract those who came to take a look at what the online gaming world had to offer. This meant updating the masses on the best online casinos in their jurisdictions to play, the best bonuses to entice players, the best games to play, not to mention the coveted giveaways with Playstation 4s and other freebies up for grabs.

Realizing that people needed a break from gaming as well, the platform went ahead and branched out with a video section and Livestream. So when not playing, gamers had the option of going there to gorge on gaming guides, hits, and video casino reviews, among others. With high traffic like redirecting their numbers to live streaming platforms, it’s no wonder that the number of viewers on platforms like Twitch and Youtube has grown by numbers that are hard to believe. That’s not to say that there was a blog section to let visitors know about events in the iGaming universe as they happened.


The first beneficiary is of course the visitors to the site. is an ideal companion for the modern gamer who offers free access to top casino sites, casino bonuses, games and winning strategies. They even go the extra mile to reward their visitors with freebies, let alone keep them entertained with a dedicated live streaming section, as well as a blog section. The second is from providers and operators, who have reportedly seen online casino gaming revenues double in just a month after the pandemic closed. Third and finally, the platform itself, which has seen an unprecedented but welcome increase in the number of visitors.


The increase in the number of visitors to is, without a doubt, an indication that the platform is doing something right and differently. In the words of the famous Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest or the wisest who succeed in life, but those who are ready to adapt to change. Online gaming is part of the growing online entertainment industry. Those behind are aware of this and do everything to stand out while referring players to the best casinos, bonuses and games. That said, we do anticipate a further increase in market share given the situation.

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