Insider trading: Jeff Petry on the market, but the Montreal Canadiens aren’t selling at a discount

TSN Hockey Insiders Darren Dreger, Chris Johnston and Pierre LeBrun join host James Duthie to chat Jeff Petrypotential availability in a trade, a team looking to take a salary to help facilitate deals and what could be next for the pending unrestricted free agent Nazem Kadri.

What does Petry Market look like?

What is the probability and conditions of a potential Jeff Petry Trade?

The brown : The league teams discover that Jeff Petry is available as other people have talked about. Kent Hughes, the new general manager, has spoken to a number of his veteran players over the last few moments in one-on-one meetings to assess where they stand with the future of this team. And the meaning is Jeff Petry would welcome an exchange. Now it’s not easy to move it. He still has three years left on his $6.25 million contract. A league source suggested to me today a scenario where the Dallas Stars could emerge as the team with interest. With the idea that if the stars move John Klingberg, which, as we know, requested a trade. They can turn around and replace him with Petry, who is signed with term and John Klingberg be an unrestricted free agent pending. Now, the one thing the Habs tell the teams? They don’t have to move Petry and they don’t move him on the cheap just because he’s been struggling this season. Teams need to step up.

Where does the Blackhawks GM search stand?

The Blackhawks use Patrick Sharp, Marianne Hossa and Eddie Olczyk to help them in their search for a general manager, which is a bit of a novel way of doing things. Could this lead to off-the-beaten-path hiring?

Embedded pictureDrager: Yeah, it could. there is no doubt. I mean, there are huge fundamental decisions that need to be made by the Chicago Blackhawks’ new hockey operations department in the not too distant future. When you look at some of the star player contracts that they have internally, you talk about Patrick Kane and you’re talking about Jonathan Toews, you may be talking about the near future of Marc-Andre Fleury with all the speculation swirling around him and his playing future moving forward. Now the plan is to start interviewing GM candidates as early as the weekend, possibly early next week. But you’re right, there are talks of a potential candidate outside of hockey with a solid analytical background. But this is a transitional decision by the Chicago Blackhawks, so they will also consider the traditional roster which will include Kyle Davidson, who is the Blackhawks’ interim general manager. But they want to move quickly.

Cap relief, anyone?

There are plenty of teams in the NHL that are facing the salary cap, but is there one team that is ready to eat money?

Embedded pictureJohnstone: Yeah, 16 of them to be exact, 16 teams we’re talking about right now that are on long-term injured reserve and capped. And so those teams might want to get busy before March 21, they find a handy helping hand from the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes have made it known that they are willing to accept contracts or cash in exchange for future assets. Just as we’ve seen them do with a few deals over the summer. And they will still look at some things. They want to know how long this contract lasts if they bring a player. What kind of player is it. But the Coyotes are certainly considering a chance to be an important midfielder in this deadline when so many teams are capped.

Kadri on the way for a repair?

Nazem Kadri is tied for third in the NHL in points and second in assists. Is he likely heading for a big payday as an unrestricted free agent this summer?

Embedded pictureThe brown : What a story. For sure. He’s 31, an age that has some teams worried, but man, this guy is having an unreal year. And he’s represented by Darren Ferris and we know that Ferris in the past has had a pattern with pending UFAs of getting his guys out there. And that’s the plan right now between Ferris and Kadri. Which will keep Colorado in the fold, but I think the idea now is to see what other teams have to offer and what kind of interest there is and then we’ll come back to Colorado. It could be a big deal for Nazem Kadri.

Excitement is building around All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas

Star Weekend is almost here. Is it safe to say that it will look a lot like the city it is in?

Embedded pictureJohnstone: Yeah, there’s gonna be fun here. Specifically with the breakaway challenge that disappeared in 2016 because the players weren’t enthusiastic about it and what the NHL is seeing is that this younger group that came in is very excited to show a certain personality. A number of players who participate in it have already called out the league to involve props, celebrities, things like that. It looks like the breakaway challenge and skills contest are worth watching.

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