Mbappe saga almost makes Real Madrid want to withdraw offer

I would like to see Kylian Mbappe sign for real Madridbecause he would be a powerful reinforcement for the club and a great asset in terms of expanding the real Madrid brand (and, by extension, that of LaLiga Santander) worldwide.

That’s why the title of this article sounds bad, saying that recent events make you want to see real Madrid withdraw their offer, but what’s even uglier is the point reached by this soap opera.

It turned out that his mother, Fayza Lamari, is even more of a superstar than him. She is a real winner in this soap opera, regardless of the last chapter.

It is clear from their recent moves that the priority was to satisfy a thirst for money and that, once satisfied, the team Mbappe chooses to play for doesn’t matter. The message is that his next club seems totally indifferent as the salary is as good in Paris as it is in Madrid.

This game of negotiation with the two clubs, taking advantage of a firm grip on the handle of the frying pan, swinging from one side to the other of offers and counter-offers, multiplying the millions with each meeting, signing bonuses, image rights… all of this runs counter to what a fan expects from a footballer.

When money beats feelings, the situation is bad. Everyone understands that there are negotiations and an interest in gaining as much as possible, but the degree of commercialization here borders on reasonable limits.

MbappeThe mother of bragged on Friday that they have reached agreements with both teams (a rare thing in itself and one that has rarely, if ever, happened) and that the sums involved are similar.

Having now achieved their goal in the talks (guaranteeing money for the next 15 generations of Mbappes), the next step (and secondary problem) is for him to decide where he wants to play.

This double agreement explains the confusion in the information that appeared. Both real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain counted on having it next season, because the mother, by making agreements with the two in parallel, made believe.

You could say that Kylian promised to marry two girlfriends, and that one of them will be abandoned at the altar. We will probably know this weekend if he marries the one in white (which would be his choice) or the one in blue.

The head of the French must smoke. On the one hand, there is pressure from French President Macron telling him that he is a symbol of France, as well as pressure from Qatar and Al Khelaifi, offering him a team entirely built around him.

And on the other hand, there is the certainty of international prestige, of fame and of writing one’s own chapter in the history of football, which can only be guaranteed by real Madrid.

Saturday evening, during the last Ligue 1 match of the season at the Parc des Princes, the eyes of the world will be trained on his gestures or his possible words at the end of the match.

On Sunday, he will have a second chance to make his decision public, during a televised gala. Some people ask him to isolate himself for a few days somewhere to think alone.

And in the meantime, the two poor brides are waiting…

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