Meta now owns 60% market share of SteamVR and 36% is Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 is the most affordable and convenient VR headset for consumers. The Quest 2 starts at $ 299, with a more expensive version available for $ 399. When you look at the other options in the market, nothing comes close to these prices. Not to mention that you don’t need a computer to use Quest 2, so it’s a no-brainer for those new to the business.


SteamVR is Valve’s distribution platform for VR content and the driver system for VR hardware. Valve’s headset, the Valve Index, is an expensive PC-connected system that has been on the market for over two years. The Quest 2 is a much cheaper device, and it has a number of advantages over Valve’s device, including the wireless streaming feature for wireless virtual reality.

It’s no wonder that the latest results from Valve’s Steam Survey show that Meta’s Quest 2 continues to gain ground month after month. Results from this month’s survey show that over 36% of SteamVR users enjoy their VR content with a Quest 2 headset. Pair that with the 4% in the original Quest headset, and you’ve got 40% of all SteamVR users running a Quest device.

Meta now owns 60% of SteamVR market share and 36% is Quest 2 02 |

The story doesn’t end there either. Meta’s legacy Rift and Rift S headsets also hold significant shares of Steam VR users. The original Rift is still a popular VR headset, with almost 5% of SteamVR users still running the old device. The Rift S was a much more popular headset when it hit the market. Over 20% of SteamVR users are currently using Oculus’ latest PC VR headset.

Meta is clearly the winner of the VR race when you add it all up. Despite over half a dozen other headset options on the market, over 60% of VR users have purchased their headset from Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Hopefully 2022 will bring real competition to this

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