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SAN FRANCISCO, August 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc. (OTC: RKFL), a global provider of crypto payment solutions, today announced plans to issue its own crypto token through an Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) through a leading cryptocurrency exchange. RocketFuel is targeting a $ 15 million IEO increase from the show.

The coin will be used for a token-based loyalty program aimed at enticing buyers to make purchases using cryptocurrencies or any other form of payment.

The tokens will allow RocketFuel customers to redeem, unlock and purchase additional services and products such as airline upgrades, hotel reservations, concerts, sporting events, and more. Customers can also earn tokens when making purchases on RocketFuel’s payments ecosystem.

RocketFuel’s blockchain-based loyalty program will be designed to tackle growing loyalty fraud in the travel industry and others. The global pandemic has not slowed the sharp rise in loyalty fraud, but quite the opposite. As frequent flyer balances are left untouched by members, they become lucrative targets for scammers who rush in and steal them unnoticed. According to a report by Morder Intelligence, “The global loyalty management market was valued at US $ 4 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US $ 14 billion by 2026”. RocketFuel believes its blockchain-based loyalty token will be virtually impossible to hack.

“We are very excited to announce our new token and loyalty program, which will benefit merchants and buyers and unlock various rewards within our platform. This will lead to more transactions and greater adoption of crypto, which will ultimately benefit the entire crypto payments ecosystem and the people who support it, ”said Peter Jensen, CEO of RocketFuel. . In addition, funds acquired from the token distribution will be used to further fuel RocketFuel’s rapid market share expansion, product development and marketing efforts.

RocketFuel has been active in the payments business since its launch in Q1 2021 and recently announced the industry’s first feature ‘Price Settlement Guarantee’ which allows merchants to always receive deposits equal to the quoted price of goods sold without ever being affected by crypto fluctuation of the exchange rate against fiat. By releasing these cutting-edge features through its one-click payment interface, RocketFuel is reinventing the payment space with benefits not seen on traditional payment platforms.

About RocketFuel Blockchain, Inc.
RocketFuel is a global payment solutions provider that offers online shoppers a simple, easy-to-use one-click payment process that accepts payments with Bitcoin and over 50 cryptocurrencies. RocketFuel offers a highly secure and efficient shopping cart experience with very low fees for merchants, plus the benefits of zero chargebacks and card denials. RocketFuel’s solutions focus on enhanced customer privacy protection, eliminating the risk of data breaches while improving speed, security and ease of use. Buyers of RocketFuel powered online stores enjoy smooth payment and forget about the bulky cart paradigm of the past. RocketFuel merchants are able to implement new impulse buying patterns and generate new sales channels that are not available in other current ecommerce solutions. More information about RocketFuel is available at:

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