Sinan Energy signs power purchase agreement to supply

Sandton, South Africa, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A day ahead of its scheduled listing on global crypto exchange P2PB2B on Tuesday, May 17, Sinan Energy has entered into an agreement to supply renewable energy to the one of the largest chlor-alkali manufacturing plants in the southern hemisphere. The deal will see Sinan supply over 1.24 billion kWh of tokenized energy over a twenty-year period through its blockchain platform. The energy will come from its own renewable energy plants, the construction of which is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2022.

The energy, which will be produced from decentralized renewable sources including solar and wind power, will replace dirty fossil energy produced by the national centralized utility from old coal-fired power plants. The reduction in carbon emissions is therefore maximized and it is expected that Sinan Energy will prevent over one million tons of harmful CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Sinan Energy’s blockchain platform allows it to tokenize, record and verify the carbon credits generated by its factories. This allows it to obtain international certification and trade carbon credits on the global carbon market. By integrating renewable energy and blockchain architecture, Sinan Energy has created two revenue streams through the sale of tokenized energy and carbon credits.

The need for carbon credits arises because more and more companies have adopted a goal of net zero emissions, which has led to an exponential increase in their demand and prices.

The value of carbon credits is expected to increase 15 times by 2030. Indeed, most of the world’s governments and the world’s 5000 largest corporations have set net zero emissions reduction targets for 2050 with the first major step in the emission reductions. to be achieved by 2030.

Unlike mining infrastructure where the raw material mined is usually priced in dollars, renewable energy plants have struggled to attract cheap international financing, as the electricity output from the power plants can only be sold within the country. in which the plant is built and is priced in the country. currency. International investors have had to factor in currency risk, which has increased the cost of capital for power projects due to the additional risk.

Financing renewable energy projects through carbon credits creates a new and more efficient mechanism for deploying energy infrastructure in the developing world, as carbon credits are priced in dollars or euros and, therefore, currency risk is avoided when raising funds in these currencies.

Experts believe that the renewable energy plants of the new era are the gold mines of the 21st century. These offer environmental benefits, low investment risk, steady cash flow, explosive demand and lower operating costs. All of these factors combined make renewable power plants the future of the industry. When someone adds carbon credits to the picture, it becomes one of the most lucrative investment options.

The two revenue streams enable Sinan Energy to accelerate the commercial deployment of new renewable energy technologies by integrating them into its blockchain-enabled tokenization platform. This allows it to build and deploy innovative factories ahead of the curve, thereby extracting maximum value.

A major advantage of carbon credits created from renewable energy projects over other initiatives like reforestation is that plants have real utility in providing renewable energy and are therefore self-sufficient. This makes the generation of carbon credits more sustainable and therefore more attractive to business buyers and investors. Of course, that doesn’t mean other initiatives aren’t needed, it just means that renewable energy projects are among the most effective at displacing emissions in a sustainable way.

Sinan Energy tokens will be traded on the P2PB2B crypto exchange from 09:00 UTC on May 17, 2022.

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